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Update Website And Skyblock Update

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WildXL Gaming
As you can tell WildXL Gaming staff has been quite busy over the past few weeks. Thing's have been changing and we are really looking forward to all these changes. We have decided to scrap our old website and go back to the original software that we were using before. This site now has a lot more functions and uses that the previous one did, a long with more updates. The site is fully functional and will be working on quite frequently so keep and eye on our updates and progress as we continue to add and fix things a long the way.

During this whole process we have had the opportunity to have a couple of our great staff members step up and did some great work to our skyblock server. They have updated the server as well as preformed a lot of fixes that needed to be done. Everyone please thank and report any problems to @AAAE and @Grip as you come across any. If you do find any...

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As a Friendly SMP server we aim to build a community of players who like to play in a non-hostile environment and build awesome things with each other and just have a lot of fun basically. The server is setup to offer a vanilla-based experience with the addition of several features (add-ons) to enrich the game. For an oversight of add-ons and how to use them, please see the Server features section.

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