Hey everyone, as some of you know some figures among the staff team have unfortunately decided to move on from the server, they will all be missed from the action in which occures behind the scenes and we thank them all of their hard work they have put in over the course of the last few months.  However in light of all of this news, you now have an opportunity, now more than EVER to hop aboard our staff team and help control the server!


We are currently...


Hello Gamers,

By now I am sure you all have heard the rumors.  WildXL Gaming staff has been working hard on releasing a new server for our community to enjoy.  As you have all seen by now we have now updated to a Bungee instance now, and released a new community lobby.  As you can see on the new lobby that there is only a couple portals being used at the moment.  But trust us as time goes on and we grow the unused portals will be available.

Well that time is here to now announce that our new SkyBlock server has been finished and opened to t...

Update Bee Update

Hello Gamers,

We would like to announce one of our new updates that has been added to the server Bee Hives Pro.  With this plugin you will now be able to level up all your hives to start producing more honey, name your bees, have custom named hives and other things.    With that being said enjoy this new feature and don't get to sloppy with the honey.

Features included:

  • Manage your bees
  • Level all bee hives <...

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